Solid Hardwood

Solid wood flooring is made of solid wood throughout its thickness. Typically, it is made of a hardwood species, like oak, maple, or walnut, and its major advantage is that it can be sanded and refinished many times over the course of its lifespan.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered wood is a whole class of building products and materials. They’re made by binding pieces of real wood, scrap wood, shredded wood fibers and/or sawdust with adhesives to create products that look and act like wood but are designed to be stronger and more durable.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is durable, waterproof flooring that has the look of hardwood (luxury vinyl planks (LVP)), or stone (luxury vinyl tile (LVT)). Luxury vinyl is engineered and manufactured with multiple layers that aid in the design, durability, and ease of maintenance. Along with that they have a rigid or wood core to help with the longevity of the product.


Laminate is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product. It is designed to imitate the appearance of real wood. The core layer of laminate flooring is manufactured primarily from melamine resin and fiber board material. The top layer has an imprinted textured image made to look like real wood.

Nylon Carpet

Nylon is considered the best carpet. This is because nylon has a reputation for being the most durable synthetic carpet in the industry. Carpets made from nylon are resistant to any type of stain, and the fibers have the ability to keep their shape well.

Polyester Carpet

Polyester is a hydrophobic fiber, which means that the fiber itself repels liquid. By contrast, nylon is very absorbent, so it soaks in liquid and therefore spills. All residential carpets on the market today feature some stain protection.

Triexta Carpet

There are several reasons why triexta stands out from polyester. The first is that triexta is recognized as being more durable and resilient than conventional polyester. Triexta is also softer than polyesters and nylons. Its softness is due in part to the fact that it does not have chemicals applied to the fiber for stain protection.